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Zora’s latest fundraising round advances our developments of public NFT tools

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Published 05 May 2022

Zora began its journey with the shared belief that creativity should never be gatekept by the suits, corps, and institutions. In our original manifesto, we set out to collectively shatter the idea that They Thought They Could Own Us.

Since then, each member of our community has been working to dismantle the gates that have historically held back our creative independence. Today, we are excited to introduce our latest venture contributor supporting these efforts.

Haun Ventures is leading Zora’s latest $50M fundraise to advance our developments of public NFT tools. This is a testament to the strength of our community, and reinforces the value of public tools now and in the future.

For our community, this means more open tooling for you to build independence—whether it be a new collection, a new marketplace, or a new app using our API. It means easier tools for artists and teams to launch any NFT collection they would like: editions, generative drops, Dutch auctions, and whatever’s next.

For our ecosystem, this is an acceleration of the public infrastructure that facilitates our advancement as artists, developers, and communities. It means more permissionless code deployed on more chains, better APIs, more Zoratopias around the world, and an increase in grants and hackathons.

We are scaling out the public tooling we’ve built for everyone in the world to use and own. This means the continued launch of the Zora DAO—so we can expand the ownership of Zora to the entire community.

Zora will always be permissionless infrastructure.

We are focused on making this space as radically public as it can be.

Ours Truly,


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