Zine is a media platform made by and for cultural communities utilizing blockchain

We publish in the DIY spirit of the fanzine to document, distribute, and catalyze the voices of the digital avant-garde. We operate beyond “the intersection of culture and technology,” actively encouraging agonistic discourse between technologists and artists, believers and skeptics, previous and future generations. Birthed by Zora, Zine is artist-, engineer- and community-driven publication, a guide to understanding and creating amid our accelerated present.

Aiming to fundamentally improve the discourse of the broader Web3 space, Zine speaks to longer timeframe analysis—both retrospective and projective.

Zine is a compendium for the complex analysis of Web3 and the proliferation of new cultural formulations within and outside of its direct sphere of influence. Our goal is to diversify the participants in Web3 discourse as much as possible while unifying the intention, expression, and quality of the discussion.

  • Zine favors the intentional
    over the exhaustive
  • Zine thinks thematically rather
    than topically
  • Zine crystallizes
    weak signals into legible wholes
  • Zine is against shilling,
    but also cynicism
  • Zine cements new affinities between
    niche communities
  • Zine believes that technologies are defined
    by the cultures that run on them
  • Zine is blockchain-native media
  • Zine is the curation layer of global