Metaverse Glossary

Everything you need to know about Metaverse jargon

written byZora
Posted On13 Aug 2021
Metaverse Glossary
  1. 1111Ape
    Going all in without really thinking about it.
    "Just aped in on the latest Artblocks drop."
    "Oh who's the artist?"
    "No idea tbh, just got some sweet secondary sales tho."

  2. 2222Avi project
    NFTs for profile pictures and profitz. "Avi Projects'' are an NFT drop selling 10,000 tokens that depict cartoon animals with various amounts of rarity. Successful projects promise more and have an active discord, but most are just forgotten.

    "Have you heard about DegenSadTokenStonerPandaPunksBoatClub? It has a fomo curve, 10,000 supply only starting at 0.1 eth for the first 100. Just got the rainbow one for my avi"
  3. 3333Boomerverse
    Whatever Facebook is doing with NFTs.

    "Facebook is gonna create the boomerverse while trying to become a metaverse company."
  4. 4444DAO
    Gang gang but onchain.

    "FWB is the coolest DAO out there."
  5. 5555Degen
    A person who's doing Goldman Sachs-level finance shit on crypto in their sweatpants.

    “Ethan just got liq’d after goin 50x long on YFI. King degen energy.”
  6. 6666Flamingo
    Flamingos are a low-key weird af bird, but also one of the dopest collector DAOs in the game.

    "Flamingo just copped the rarest Squiggle for 200 ETH"

  7. 7777Floor Price
    The lowest price for a given collection.

    "Punk floor is 22 ETH, prolly gonna be 50 ETH floor soon"
  8. 8888Gas
    A fee you are paying to miners on Ethereum to broadcast your transaction. (This fee is not going to ZORA.)

    "The gas just went up, gonna hold on minting."
  9. 9999Genesis
    The beginning of an NFT series.

    "Yo, check out my genesis NFT drop on ZORA."
  10. 10101010Getting Mike'd
    When Mike Demarais gets your ENS domain name, or accidentally sends your ENS to Coinbase and loses it forever.

    "Who owns rza.eth? i’ll trade you pharrell.eth and chancetherapper.eth" — Mike
  11. 11111111gm, ga, ge, gn
    What you tweet out to the community. Note: it doesn't have to be the right time of day.

    "gm to everyone"
  12. 12121212GMI, NGMI, WGMI, WAGMI
    Gonna make it (in crypto), not gonna make it (in crypto), we're gonna make it (on a specific group level), we're all gonna make it (all of us).

    "Price goes up, we're all gonna make it. Price down, wagmi."
  13. 13131313Maxi (maximalist)
    A devout believer of a single crypto religion i.e Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    "Bitcoin is just a pet rock. That's why I'm an ETH maxi."
  14. 14141414Metabestie
    Your bestie in the metaverse.

    "Latasha is my metabestie."
  15. 15151515Normie
    You are a normie if you can't tell the difference between React and C++. You are also a normie if your wallet is in your back pocket.

    "We need more normies in Web 3.0."
  16. 16161616"Not financial advice"
    This is a statement that typically follows explicit financial advice from someone.

    "You should go all-in on $LAMP (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE)"
  17. 17171717Rugged
    Being rugged means buying a coin for your dear ETH and receiving a shitcoin that goes to 0 and never returns.

    “Remember when Mark Cuban got rugged? I kinda felt sorry for him.”
  18. 18181818Ser
    A formal way to address your crypto comrades of any gender.

    "It's kinda like "dude" now, ser"
  19. 19191919"Shadowy super-coders"
    According to some people, crypto developers are pale, malnourished shadowy figures building public and transparent infrastructure. Like Vitalik.

    “Instead of leaving our financial system at the whims of giant banks, crypto puts the system at the whims of some shadowy, faceless group of super-coders and miners, which doesn’t sound better to me.”
  20. 20202020Shill
    The guy pitching his business from the toilet stall next to you, but on Clubhouse. Shamelessly marketing and plugging a token or project. The strongest shills have the biggest bags. The bigger the bag the louder the shill.

    "Going on a shopping spree. Shill me your fave NFTs."
  21. 21212121Vagueposting
    When a project founder posts esoteric and fortune cookie style tweets for #thoughtleadership.

    "@js_horne: what is least true and most valuable? what is most true and least valuable?"
  22. 22222222Wash
    Buying your own NFT to make it look valuable.

    "That NFT sale is a wash; no way someone bought a Cryptopunk for 4200 ETH."
  23. 23232323 Whale
    They have a lot of crypto, like a lot. Big bag holders. Megabucks. Big spenders. Spending 1000 ETH like it's $1000.

    "Westcoastbill paid 1000 ETH for a jpeg, gotta be a whale."

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