FWB x ZORA Party: A Succinct Tell-All

Ushering in NFT.NYC's slew of events, a humble recounting of last week's superb meeting-of-the-minds

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Published 09 Nov 2021

If you were in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn last Monday night, November 1, 2021, you may have noticed a queue that snaked across a block, or two, or maybe even three, in front of the hallowed dance temple, Good Room. Awaiting the bouncer’s green light to ascend the sticky stairs, a potpourri of characters were all in attendance in the name of Web3 for the NFT.NYC conference.

Photography @fourrencat, @0xDavila

Indeed, how does one navigating the tortuous tendrils of Discord channels, blockchain auctions, and avatars translate these decentralized and digital interactions into a living, breathing, and tangible bacchanalia? Even more so, how does one execute such a symphonic symposium successfully? Not a this-feels-like-a-typical-crypto-party-steered-by-tech-folk evening, but rather a wow-is-that-caroline-polachek-chopping-it-up-with-haleek-maul-while-a-SOPHIE-remix-blasts-from-the-bowels-of-the-subwoofers-type launch.

Such was the case at the Friends With Benefits x ZORA collaboration, kicking off what would be another grinding week into a polished jewel. The cutting-edge DAO and decentralized marketplace protocol, respectively, have nurtured a fruitful partnership, and the latest iteration was certainly no exception.

Photography @0xDavila, @kanakhey, @HaleekMaul, @fascinated, @jacksondame, @Diana_Daiii

Presiding over the decks were Texas-born cult DJ Doss, ethereal warbler Caroline Polachek (fresh off the tarmac from her concert at the Roundhouse in London), iconoclastic activist collective Pussy Riot, Compton-raised rapper, singer, and producer Channel Tres, and, as if there couldn’t be any more cherries on top in the arsenal, a live set by Web3 multidisciplinary, Haleek Maul.

Perhaps, however, the evening’s true headliner precipitated in the form of the communal ambience and vision for a brighter tomorrow. And while the police did manage to station their cruisers on the street below, the determination and resolve of the Web3 revelers reminded the folks in blue that perhaps it’s the crypto heads that run the night. Thanks to all who came through!

Photography @wowbestie, @camillezig, @boreta
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