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Text Zine
Published 30 Dec 2022

2021 Zora Zine listened to Pixies and went shoplifting at the mall on weekends. 2022 Zora Zine bought a beat-up Ford Fiesta and started sharing notes-app poems and PNGs on Tumblr. 2023 Zora Zine becomes a DAO and writes autofiction. Do we know what any of this means? No.

But we did ask ChatGPT to write us "Ode to a Blockchain" by Edgar Allan Poe.

Ode to a blockchain, oh mysterious chain
Of blocks and codes, a digital domain
Your beauty lies in your complexity
Your power in your transparency

You are the ledger of the digital age
A record of transactions, never to be swayed
By fraud or deceit, you stand tall and true
An immutable record, forever new

Your decentralized network, a wonder to behold
No one person or entity in control
A distributed system, a true democrat
Equal access for all, no time to chat

Oh blockchain, you are the future of finance
A decentralized world, where money has a chance
To be free from the constraints of the past
A decentralized future, forever to last

So here's to you, oh blockchain, my dear
A symbol of hope, a beacon of clear
The future is yours, and yours alone
A decentralized world, forever to be shown

See you next year.


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