Allow Me to EMBED

A toolkit for exhibiting your NFTs anywhere on the internet

written byZora
Posted On12 Nov 2021
Allow Me to EMBED

If information on the internet has an inherent desire to be disseminated across all channels, then NFTs are no different. Today, ZORA’s embarking on EMBED, a crisp feature hot off the protocol press. All of us trailblazing towards Web3 understand that not all NFTs get equal representation—let’s leave gatekeeping in our wake. With EMBED, any ZORA-listed NFT gets the access it deserves by displaying on any blog, website, collection, or portfolio.

Before EMBED, showcasing an NFT on a website required the ZORA development kit. Thanks to the dev team, now anyone can select an NFT, paste a snippet into their website, and immediately begin displaying it. It's never been smoother.

  • Easy to use for builders, collectors, and creators
  • Works with any NFT appearing on zora.co
  • Embeds are desktop and mobile friendly
  • Compatible with audio, images, text, GIFs and video

Getting Started

Let's walk through the how-to:

  • Begin by selecting the NFT that you would like to display.
  • Then click on the up arrow near the bottom right and select “embed”.
  • You will then be redirected to embed.zora.co where you can customize how you want the NFT to appear.
  • Once you have selected all the options you want, click “copy code”.
  • Lastly, go to your dashboard for managing your website and paste in the code you copied.

The Potential to Empower

While most in Web3 engage with NFTs regularly, there are still swaths outside who have little-to-no exposure to them; EMBED will help expand tokens’ visibility—and maybe even get everyone cryptopilled. Here are the types of users ZORA feels will benefit most:


Creatives of all stripes house their work in online portfolios; EMBED will ensure a more stimulating, dynamic, and interactive browsing UX.


Whales Unite: the only thing better than collecting tokens is showcasing them in an efficient, streamlined capacity. EMBED can express collectors' tastes and verify how long they've been wading in the NFT space.


Editors, journalists, and media creators can now better contextualize the NFTs about which they're writing: no more vacillating a multitude of tabs.

Our success sprouts when the collective trust, shared tenets, and dissident’s constructive criticism incorporate in the Web3 hotpot. Hit the line on Discord if anything. We can't wait to see what y'all do.

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